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Connecting your clients with your Brand.

We believe in a minimalist approach to marketing and advertising. Our customized marketing strategies are made with your company values front and center.

Who we are

Result Driven Marketing

Our goal is to produce results, our campaigns work directly with your company to produce tangible and measurable results. We have over 20 years of combined marketing experience that allow us to stand behind the results we promise.

Online Presence Building 

Having a good Online Presence is crucial for a good advertising campaign. We can bring them to your site but they need to like what they see when they get there.

Social Media Advertising

Using the right combination of placement, age group, and interest we place your company ads in the social media network we decide that fits your campaign the most. 

Search Engine Optimization and Advertising 

People are searching for your service or product and our goal is to put you in front of them when they do. Relevant content is the best way to do this and our team is ready to take your brand to the next level.

Offline Marketing 

Not everything is online, we still believe that some strategies work better the old fashion way, face to face. We coordinate events, sponsorships and pop-up shops 


We Serve


Our niche finding strategies allow lawfirms to advertise their service to customers with clear intent to buy.

Car Dealers

Thousands of possible clients in your market are trying to find their next car we can help you connect.

Medical Industry

Medical professionals use our service to connect with patients that are looking for the best service.

Service Providers

From chiropractors to realtors our marketing strategies are your best choice to connect with prospects

Customer Feedback 

Auto Finders 

" Tambo71 is the first firm that produced real results for us, we had tried many companies before and had no luck, the leads keep on coming everyday"

Anonymous Law Firm 

The Results driven campaign was the best choice for us, we started receiving customers in the first 2 days. Our retention rate has skyrocketed we highly recommend Daryl and his team.

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